My fundamental belief is that the psyche, given the proper conditions, has a natural tendency to heal itself and move towards wholeness. I also believe that profound change can happen on a level below our conscious/verbal mind and can impact all aspects of our life. Sessions are best done weekly or twice weekly.


Jungian Psychoanalysis

Inspired by the work of Carl Jung and others who followed him, Jungian psychology begins with belief that there is an unconscious part of each of us that impacts the way we experience our reality. Jungian analysis fosters a connection to the unconscious through work with dreams, fantasies and daily life experiences. When we become more aware of the patterns of our psyche we can better understand our reactions, thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this work helps us to experience a more whole and healthy sense of self, improved relationships, and an increased sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.


Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay is a holistic, nonverbal, non-rational form of therapy that reaches a profound level of the psyche. It involves creating three-dimensional scenes in a tray using sand, water, miniature figurines and other objects. Sandplay can serve as a powerful medium to reach strong, transformative inner experiences. Engaging in the process of Sandplay is like having “waking dreams” that offer insight and the integration of energies and information that were previously inaccessible.


Expressive Arts

There are many ways to work on our deep imagination. Depending on your comfort level and interest, I have been trained and have materials available for somatic, artistic and visualization methods to access the level of our psyche where healing and insight can occur. These practices can help us connect our body to our inner work, as well as help us to stay grounded during our transformation process.