“Despite their powers of imagination, children often observe things much more accurately than grown-ups.”   – Carl Jung

Although I work primarily with adults, I love to work with children (ages 6-11 and teen girls) who are going through difficult life transitions such as parent divorce, moving, loss of a loved one or difficult adjustment during developmental changes. I also love to work with highly sensitive children who have difficulties with small transitions as well.

My work with children is informed by the work of Dora Kalff, the founder of Jungian Sandplay Therapy, Chinese Five Element theory as well as the Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf School view of child development. I aim to provide a “free and protected space” for children to work out their issues on a deep, often non-verbal level through play, art and movement. Children need tools other than language to communicate and make sense of their experiences.

The mental health and resilience of a child is often indelibly tied to the mental health, psychological history and support structure of the child’s mother. For this reason, I often start my work with younger children by spending time with the child’s mother or ensuring that she is receiving good psychological support somewhere else. In many cases, I continue to see the mother regularly during the course of the child’s treatment. For more information on my work with mothers, visit this page.

For older children and teens, a therapist can be a beneficial support person in addition the other adults in the child’s life. Older children and teens need places where they feel seen and heard as they navigate the changes that are happening within and outside of themselves. Time with a therapist can often be a needed refuge from other areas of the child’s life.


“I’m brave. Brave also means being nervous.”

– Marion Woodman