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In an out-of-control world, we all retain the human freedom of working with our mind to find meaning, peace and belonging. Under the surface, we all have an inner wisdom that knows what is best for us. Therapy can help us to access this wisdom to heal and thrive. Our suffering does not have to be meaningless, it can be our most profound tool for personal transformation. When we know our own mind and inner world, it becomes much easier to create a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful.

As a therapist, I am inspired by the work of Carl Jung and Depth Psychology. I also draw from nearly 20 years of personal Buddhist practice as well as education and experience working with people who are facing grief, life transitions, challenges related to motherhood and spiritual issues. I specialize in helping highly sensitive people, both adults and children, find their own path to clarity and inner peace.  I would be honored to join you in looking below the surface to find the wisdom that lies within your own body and mind.

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“Healing depends on listening with the inner ear – stopping the incessant blather, and listening. Fear keeps us chattering – fear that wells up from the past, fear of blurting out what we really fear, fear of future repercussions. It is our very fear of the future that distorts the now that could lead to a different future if we dared to be whole in the present.”

– Marion Woodman