In an out-of-control world, we all retain the human freedom of working with our mind to find meaning, peace and belonging. Our suffering does not have to be meaningless, it can be our most profound tool for personal transformation. Under the surface, we each have an inner wisdom that knows what is best for us. Therapy can help us to access this wisdom to heal and thrive. When we develop a deeper connection to our inner world, it becomes much easier to create a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful. We all have a life path that is longing to be more fully lived.

Jungian depth psychotherapy is not just about the alleviation of troubling symptoms, it is about discovering a life that feels more whole, balanced, meaningful and connected. It is very helpful for people who are in the midst of a life transition, those who are experiencing grief from a recent or past loss, and individuals who are searching for something more from their lives. Instead of following a structured program of therapeutic technique, Jungian-based psychotherapy is as unique as you are. 

“But who should live your life if you do not live it?”

– Carl Jung, The Red Book